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From draglines to wheel loaders, collecting data from mining equipment gets easier and less expensive every year. However, most mine operators and equipment sellers leverage only a fraction of their available equipment data to drive value across their organization. Alchemy IoT’s Clarity application helps enable this value creation.

Clarity’s product-agnostic architecture provides a holistic view into the health, operation and maintenance needs of you assets. Our application empowers you to decrease up-time, optimize maintenance needs and drive more value from enhancing your operations.


Keeping equipment healthy and utilized are essential to maintaining profitability and delivering projects on time, requiring healthy equipment, efficient operations and an effective service team. With many machines constantly collecting location, performance and environmental information, it can be challenging to leverage all of that data for you teams.

Clarity centralizes your asset information to provide a single portal for viewing performance anomalies, accessing equipment literature and viewing your real-time sensor data – whether in the office or in the field. Our application provides you with the ability to maintain profitable operations by limiting downtime and taking the guess work out of servicing your equipment.


Complex manufacturing processes and the rise of the industrial internet create new opportunities to improve yield, MTBF and MTTR. Additionally, the proliferation of web-enabled sensors pushes companies to account for – and react to – data across the entire value-chain. Clarity offers a the ability unlock the value from your increasing connect process lines.

Clarity aggregates, visualizes and analyzes your data to empower your engineering and service teams with the insight they need to proactively address problems. Our product-agnostic cloud-based unsupervised machine learning analytics eliminate the need for costly data science teams and consultants and enable you to bridge the gap between engineering and field service.

Oil & Gas

With high capital equipment and downtime costs, keeping your equipment healthy, maintained and operating is paramount to your business. Clarity enables your team to gain a holistic view of your equipment and gain real-time visibility into machine operations. Additionally Clarity’s unsupervised machine learning analytics deliver operating insights that enable increased production, lower maintenance costs and enhanced operational efficiency, which lead to higher revenues and lower annual costs.

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