Bringing AI & Machine Learning to Industrial IoT with “No-Code” Approach

Bringing AI & Machine Learning to Industrial IoT with “No-Code” Approach

Today marks the formal launch of Alchemy IoT – with the support and hard work from employees, investors and partners alike. I can’t tell how excited we are to make our move into one of the most promising areas of technology!


Our goal is simple: to help small- to mid-market industrial customers transform IoT asset intelligence into new revenue streams and tangible business value.


To do this, we offer Clarity, our cloud-based AI-application that is purposely built to simplify how industrial organizations can use artificial intelligence to power IoT initiatives. The product introduces a novel “no-code” approach to what we call “IoT Asset Intelligence,” to simplify how fleet management, plant maintenance and manufacturing performance can be improved using artificial intelligence and unsupervised machine learning.


To learn more here is a link to our company announcement.


With so many players in the IoT market, we feel the needs of smaller industrial organizations are not addressed today by solutions that are very expensive and extremely complex to use. Our goal from day one is to have customers up-and-running within 48 hours – which is unheard-of in the industry. Without getting too techie, the new Alchemy onboarding process and integration technology is something we think is ground-breaking and much-needed for customers. We also have, as a core tenet, worked to make “data science” accessible to all, as most organizations don’t have the resources to harness the value of AI-based technologies in a practical and cost-effective manner.


In addition, I am extremely pleased to introduce a new process framework that combines the best thinking of our team – what I referred to earlier in this blog as “IoT Asset Intelligence.” This is not a product or a service, but a step-by-step guide we are offering to the industry. Our goal is to take an active role in defining new ways of thinking and fresh approaches as our industry evolves and matures.


We are in the process of finalizing a comprehensive guidebook on the IoT Asset Intelligent approach that we will share with the industry shortly. We believe IoT Asset Intelligence addresses the complexity and market fragmentation associated with Big Data, IoT and artificial intelligence. It will outline today’s disruptive mega-trends, and Alchemy’s industry insights and vision, before outlining practical steps organizations can use to align company goals, resources and teams toward value streams centered on industrial equipment, fleets and operational performance.


The central theme of the IoT Asset Intelligence framework is visibility and efficiency through a blend of data-driven processes and a renewed culture around innovation and critical thinking. Like Lean and other operational improvement methods, IoT Asset Intelligence requires executive support and leadership to achieve sustainable success – as change and breaking with entrenched norms is as much a cultural “transformation” exercise as it is a process and technology play.


The worlds of sensor-networks, IoT data, and AI-and-machine learning are now converging to transform how industrial companies better service customers, drive cost efficiencies and improve productivity. At Alchemy IoT, we are laser-focused to deliver on the promise of these technologies in new, practical and meaningful ways.


Again, my sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone that has supported our journey to this point! You’ll be hearing much more from Alchemy IoT as we move forward.


I’d love to hear from you as well – to answer any questions and discuss the challenges your company facing and how we can help you compete and win in the market.

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